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Dedicated Fiber

Discover how Wide Band dedicated internet access can help your organization

Whether you are looking for customizable routing configurations, low-latency, network diversity, the ability to execute critical business transactions with real-time applications or increased capacity, we offer a host of benefits that make us the smart choice for internet service

Key Benefits

Cost effectiveness
With our cost-effective setup, you're able to save on equipment's costs, and with a single network provider, you'll reduce the administrative hassle

Our Network Operations Center monitors network status around-the-clock. And our locally based service teams ensure that your network is always in good hands.


Bandwidth ranges from 1Mbps to 10Gbps, with the option to burst above subscribed bandwidth rates. And, our Bandwidth on Demand solution allows you to upgrade bandwidth in near real-time or schedule changes in advance

DDoS Protection

As a separate add-on, our security experts proactively monitor your network traffic around-the-clock to identify anomalies and malicious attacks before they damage critical systems